As the days get shorter and the air turns crisper, Odd Panda and Copacetik invite you to embark on a musical journey that mirrors the enchantment of autumn. Their latest joint release "Coincidences" is a nostalgic ode to the season's magic, where every note is like a brushstroke on the canvas of fall.

Almost like a world painted in hues of orange and gold, leaves pirouetting gracefully from the trees. In "Coincidences", the two talented producers crafted a serene sanctuary, where inviting guitar melodies intertwine with lush drums to create an auditory haven. It's like wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy blanket on a chilly afternoon. Close your eyes, and you'll find yourself in a landscape where the sky is a canvas of blue, adorned with clouds that playfully mimic familiar shapes. The scent of fallen leaves lingers in the air, promising moments of snug comfort.

"Coincidences" is available on all major streaming platforms, released by our friends at Fortune Cookie Records.

posted by Boris
December 2023