Happy Sunday all. Outside my window is snowing and I am enjoying the moment while listening to the new EP by Odd Panda - Lost in Translation, featuring his friends and released by our own label.

The focus track Moonlit ft. Early Garden reveals the whole musical direction, sound & concept of the new album. Dreamy pads, slow lo-fi beat elements, and outer-space harmonies. Similar to the titles, Moonlit makes you feel like you are lost in space, floating through the Galaxy.

Lost in Translation is a musical journey about friendships, collaborations, and the ability to translate emotions through music and word during the creation of each and every track.

“My EP ‘Lost In Translation’ is a collection of tracks that I made with a few artist friends over the last couple of months. Most of the compositions were the first tracks I ever made with these artists and it led to the friendships that I am so grateful for.” Odd Panda

Strem Lost in Translation on all major platforms here.

posted by Boris
February 2022