I'm stoked to share the groovy vibes of "Old Harbour" by the talented producer and label mate Odd Panda, teaming up with another talented and amazing producer gCoope for this delightful collaboration.

This sweet tune is the first single from their upcoming Lost City EP, which is set to drop on August 11th. Let me tell you, it's pure magic!

Smooth lo-fi hip-hop beats instantly carry you away to a serene oasis of chill. The melodies embrace you like a warm hug, and the rhythms gently sway your soul. You'll find yourself drifting into a state of pure relaxation, floating on waves of friendship and emotions.

Mark your calendars for August 11th, and get ready to set sail on this sonic voyage. Until then, soak in the vibes of "Old Harbour" and let your worries drift away. Enjoy the chill vibes, my friends!

Stream it on all streaming platforms here.

You can also pre-save the full EP here.

posted by Boris
July 2023