Hey all, hope you are having an amazing Friday so far!

Stoked to finally share with you the full Lost City EP by the talented producers and beatmakers Odd Panda (DE) and gCoope (UK).

Having connected through the thriving lo-fi community, Odd Panda and gCoope quickly forged a deep bond. Overcoming geographical barriers, they embarked on an extraordinary adventure, visiting each other’s homes to create a soothing lo-fi collection of 5 serene compositions.

In addition to their own talents, Odd Panda and gCoope have brought together a network of gifted friends and producers to enrich the project further. Featuring BVG in "Ancient Runes" and Hendy in "Mists of Dawn". An album that celebrates true friendship, growth, and melodic enchantment.

“The project is about the journey of developing as musicians and friends. We both met up in person in the UK and Germany to work on this project. We also collaborated with other friends and fellow producers to make this project come together.” Odd Panda & gCoope

The focus track "Tree of Hope", featuring the amazing Tibeauthetraveler is a mesmerizing lo-fi blend that effortlessly weaves chill beats, gorgeous guitar licks, and dreamy warm keys, transporting listeners to a realm of relaxation and hope.

Enjoy the full EP on your favorite streaming platform here.

posted by Boris
August 2023