Conjuring up some delightful house/garage vibes, breakbeats with pulsing keys and a vocal sample, UK music producer O'Flynn celebrates the launch of his new label Panthus with a stunning single "Talia".

Encapsulating the theme of "longing for better days encountered within isolation", the track offers a colorful sonic palette, filled with experimental sounds. From the warm bassline through the gentle synths and all the way to the unique vocal textures, "Talia" is a testament to the importance of creative "adaptation".

"Talia" was made during lockdown when I couldn’t go to record shops to find samples. My usual technique is to go to stores, buy a load of records and try and find gold to use - but everything had to be found digitally for this track.”

Being a sister label to Hundred Flowers, Panthus shifts the focus away from the dancefloor and more towards a listening experience, so if you're digging "Talia" be sure to check out what else the label has in store for you!

posted by Chris
May 2021