Remember "The Day We Changed"? One of the most beautiful chillhop pieces out there, by German producer Flitz&Suppe and his Swedish colleague Oh, My.

The dynamic duo reunites on Stereofox to unveil their latest masterpiece, “En Passant.” True to its name, the track effortlessly blends Oh, My.’s sunny Rhodes, soothing brass, and Flitz&Suppe’s outstanding drum groove, creating a bright and warm sonic journey that sets the perfect tone for the start of 2024.

Oh, My. shares, "The idea of “En Passant” started in my fathers workshop where I had stored my Fender Rhodes whilst living in Italy for a year. Excited to reunite with the piano I instantly started to work on new ideas and especially one I could send to Flitz&Suppe to follow up on our 2023 release with Stereofox. When having a basic idea ready I sent it over to Flitz&Suppe to do what he does better than most – add feeling and emotion. And he sure did."

Stream/buy this beauty here.

posted by Nasko
January 2024