When I first heard this, I immediately thought - "well, this is the embodiment of taking a deep breath".

So glad to have Swedish producer Oh, My. back at Stereofox Records after his collab with Flitz&Suppe ("The Day We Changed") - and with such a delightful track.

"Nadir" means "the lowest point in a situation" and despite the gloomy title, it actually aims to remind you that even when you're feeling at the bottom, the only way from here is upwards.

“This track probably came to life a year prior to its release. I really liked the idea and to me, it fully captured the essence of what I aspire to make as a beatmaker with its rich textures and ambiance yet with a steady drum groove to act as gravity when things get too spacey. It was started a year ago however I made the rookie mistake of listening to it on repeat until I didn't know if it was worth finishing. After putting it to sleep for a couple of months I finally woke it up and was ready to finish it and now share it with the world”, the Swedish producer elaborates.

Oh, My. fused mesmerizing keys & guitars, hazy trumpets & a captivating drum groove, as well as his own film photo for the artwork. Stream/buy it on all platforms here.

posted by Nasko
April 2023