One of the most-awaited projects for 2022 is out today.

Oscar Jerome's sophomore album, The Spoon, which he teased with a few singles already - including "Sweet Isolation" & "Channel Your Anger", just dropped and offers a rollercoaster-like experience through jazz, soul, cinematic soundscapes, and anything else you can imagine. Inspired by his time in Berlin and the Pandemic, it's an introspective overlook of his thoughts & emotions.

"Feet Down South", a song about anxiety, is the focus track of the record, with his signature groove in the drums and the guitars, and hazy vocals - but definitely check the full thing, it's mind-bending.

And here's the time to share some news - in a couple of weeks, we'll be publishing our new Artist Stories episode of Fox Tales with... you already know who. We dove deep into The Spoon & Oscar's creative process, so stay tuned.

posted by Nasko
September 2022