A song that subtly pulls at your heartstrings, Merci Deux by  Österreich is definitely one to play on those chilly nights alone in your room after watching a sad romcom.

 Österreich is a solo project started by Kunimitsu Takahashi, a former guitarist/lead songwriter for the Japanese band "The Cabs".

A contrast from the French title (Which on google translate roughly means "Thank you both", but I wouldn't be so fast to trust it), the song is in Japanese; the lyrics (from what I can understand) tell a story of a love that has been diminished.

"It's easily forgotten,

it's easy to remember"

The song gives off an all around mellow and slightly depressing vibe, as an almost repetitive piano and bass riff plays throughout the song accompanied by simple drum pattern, along with vocals that sound almost robotic; but still melodious. I'd definitely recommend this song for anyone who's looking for a sad but chill song to unwind to.

(Credits to our writer Zuli for the cover photo)

posted by Staff
October 2015