“Dancing Company” exemplifies what Otto Botté does best: melding worlds, cultures, and sounds while exploring new territories of Latin pop and house music. He’s delivered a track that is truly unique while recounting a chance encounter on the dancefloor, and perfectly complemented by Emma Claye’s voice.

On this remix, Jacuzzi Jefferson sparks new magic, infusing his signature use of filtered vocal samples and laidback, cinematic production. The ethereal record utilizes distinct percussion to hypnotize and will make you move like there is no tomorrow. Botté’s falsetto floats peacefully on top of bouncy basslines, synthesizers, bells, and pads that unite cohesively. Additionally, the blend of Latin-inspired sounds and electronic influences with a dash of soul make it feel like every day will be a good day, as long as we dance a little.

posted by Chris
July 2021