You're in for quite the ride!

Ousama, who aside from being a rapper, is also a psychotherapist, brings us the vibrant "Hibiscus Changa". After spending a year in a monastery located in the mountains of central Japan, where he experienced spiritual enlightenment, Ousama joined forces with Kuwait-born producer Khalid Hamadah. Through jazzy sampling, groovy drums & captivating flow, they aim to convey a powerful message of self-healing and personal growth.

The dystopian story he portrays is simply amazing: "The year is 2073, civilisation has damn near collapsed after twenty years of war. The world is on the brink of nuclear destruction. Two rogue scientists have found refuge in an abandoned underground military launch pad. For two years they scrapped together machine parts from surrounding bandit camps to build their final hope. A Spaceship they can use to escape their dying planet. Luna..."

He also explained the meaning behind the title, "The HIBISCUS is a marvel of botanical ingenuity, flaunting vivid hues and sweet fragrances that enrapture the senses and captivate the soul. CHANGA, the alchemic union of herbs and DMT, invites the mind on a journey of mystical introspection, a kaleidoscopic dance of light and sound that transcends the boundaries of reality. Its potent magic unlocks hidden realms, revealing the profound interconnectedness of all things, and offering a glimpse into the infinite."

Definitely dive into the unique music video:

posted by Nasko
March 2023