“Kveoja” by nineteen year-old Dutch producer PAEVE is the downtempo, electronic drift you need after a long day. The ethereal vocals echoing through the peaceful instrumental build-up climax by 0:53 and release all excess man-made thoughts and fears.

There’s something energetic and mythical about the track, which is why the artist’s motivation behind the name came as no surprise:

"I named this track Kveoja because to me the song almost feels like an imaginary world you can visit now and then. Hopefully, I can take the listener alongside me and explore this fictional world."


The only thing that can make this listening experience more wholesome is pairing it with a good adventure read. And how lucky am I to have a book of mountain tales waiting for me on the bedside table.. Looking forward to adding more PAEVE to my chill down playlist. 

posted by Hristina
January 2021