Pale Jay's story is a must-share. Following a bicycle crash accident, the masked artist found himself in the ER heavily relying on John Coltrane's A Love Supreme as a mean of distraction. Being in a state of heavy sedation, dream, reality and that record, planted the seed for his 2021 The Celestial Suite - a release that won Jay a prime spot on the alternative instrumental / psychedelic scene last year.

Now PJ returns with a very special offering. Deciding to give his beautiful track "Donny In Valdez" a beatmaker flip (in the spirit of his musical heroes J Dilla, Q-Tip & Madlib) he also joins forces with New York-based Erick The Architect, who delivers soulful and impactful bars over Jay’s harmonically layered vocals and dusty production - pure sonic ascension. 

The song is so fire, it got instantly featured on BBC6 and BB1xtra by the one and only Jamz Supernova plus a spot on Spotify’s Jazz Rap.

Nothing, but pure fire for you, Internet friends.

On how this collaboration came together, Pale Jay explains: “Growing up hip hop and rap music was everything to me and it has since been a big dream of mine to work with inspiring rap artists. So when Erick reached out on Instagram about collaborating I couldn't believe it at first. When he sent the first version of the track, hearing his voice on my beat made my heart melt like wax. On top of being an amazing artist and musician he is an absolute sweetheart and I'm more than proud of what we created together.”

posted by Ivo
June 2022