Lofi house is a genre we've been supportive of for a long time over at Stereofox. In fact, our latest release "Waiting For You" by Palmate is a gorgeous blend of deep and lofi house, evoking a reminiscent vibe of Baltra's early signature sound.

Palmate is a young German producer swiftly carving out a name for himself with his nostalgic brand of lofi house. His latest release resonates with listeners, drawing inspiration from the enchantment of late summer nights, something universally relatable. This feeling is captured through bright, fuzzy synths and dreamy vocals hanging in the backdrop. Palmate's love for acid house is evident in the second half as a 303 bass line breathes life into the track for a groovy climax.

Pamlate shares, "I invite you on an enchanting sonic journey with Waiting for You. Inspired by the magic of late summer nights, this track switches between calm and exciting phases, immersing you in its captivating atmosphere characterized by deep synths and catchy vocals.

If this resonated with you, you're welcome to find out more about this gem here.

posted by Lu
November 2023