After Nora's feature on Kainbeats' "Skylines", it's time for me to pay my homage to Retro Jungle's new compilation A Day In Japan that dropped today in collaboration with the French brand Talister. The project is featuring artists from the Japanese instrumental hip hop scene (Kazuki Isogai, Kazumi Kaneda, and Refeeld) and many others across the globe. The music is inspired by Japanese landscapes, culture and filled with travel vibes.

The team is also celebrating the release with a release party in Paris in Talister's shop. Also, a merch drop will accompany the compilation as well, with unique T-shirts, hoodies, crew necks and caps, so stay tuned for more!

While there's tons of mates on there (Axian, TABAL, L.Dre, j'san, Saib, DLJ... the list goes and on), I decided to highlight Pandrezz' "Marketplace" because it gave me such a good feeling. I've been featuring Pandrezz for 4 or 5 years and the guy is not only incredibly talented, but funny. Just hit the play button and enjoy the ride.

Stream the full A Day In Japan / support below.

posted by Ivo
November 2021