It's time for a pre-weekend blast and who better to provide it than Paper Idol?

After the explosive "Hold My Breath" and "Stop it", the multi-talented artist strikes again with a proper bass splash. "Sidewalk", out now via CloudKid, is another captivating track, which combines moving indie melodicism with edgy trap to pull the strings of your soul and your limbs.

Fresh and energizing, the track is about those carefree childhood days that one never ceases to miss. PI explains:

In college, I thought I’d become a doctor – like the rest of my family. After graduation, I worked jobs where I was bored out of my mind, and it was in those times where I was most nostalgic for my youth: playing outside with my best friends without a care in the world. “Sidewalk” is about being trapped in adulthood with no escape, where all that’s left are mere memories of simpler times and flashbacks to one’s childhood.

posted by Nora
June 2022