Every time we welcome music by Berlin-based electronic artist Parry for Cuva on Stereofox, it's a day for celebration as I know for a fact we're about to experience something profound. His new single "Pinie" marks the final release ahead of the release of his forthcoming album, Mimose.

The song features German dream pop / electronic artist orbit. With a sonic palette merging raw acoustic textures and ethereal synth melodies, Marcel intertwines rural imagery with a yearning for greater meaning. The song itself draws from a profound bond formed amidst a retreat in Liguria, Italy, the song beckons listeners into a realm of intimacy and mystery.

What instantly got my attention was the throbbing kick paired with a strong, unapologetic space-consuming synth base. It's cool how the dark and eerie intro quickly gets mashed with the acoustic and vocal elements of orbit, which turns the track into a pure transcendental experience. A solid statement that Mimose will be one of those records you need to pay attention to in 2024.

posted by Ivo
March 2024