Like a furry cloak in the middle of a harsh winter, Peter Beatty provides us with a sense of comfort and warmth on his new indie folk track "Tell Me Where To Go".

Peter Beatty is a London-based alternative folk artist who draws inspiration from 60s and 70s singer-songwriters to contemporary alternative artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Big Thief. His distinct brand of folk grew from spending years traveling, thus giving his songwriting the kind of substance that's not only compelling but also relatable.

That's exactly what we're acquainted with on "Tell Me Where To Go" as it serves as a joyous tribute to adventure, self-exploration, and seeking direction. The themes are emphasized through the stellar stop-motion animation music video. It follows the story of an astronomer who pursues a beguiling light he discovers in the sky, and in many ways, this serves as an allegory for our own lives and our relationship with our purpose. It is directed by Peter Beatty and Joseph Boyle, and received recognition from the likes of Cannes World Film Festival and London Independent Film Awards in 2023.

His smooth voice seamlessly floats over the sound of glittery guitars and feint drums in an intimate manner that pulls listeners in. Toward the second half, the track becomes even more immersive when airy harmonies are adorned around Peter's charming vocal performance.

"This is a song about a boat trip, that has become an animation depicting a fantasy boat trip, whilst all being made on a boat, so it’s a bit boat meta. Ultimately though, I was trying to create an immersive sense of joy with both the song and the video,” says Peter.

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posted by Lu
October 2023