A project I'm immensely proud of!

Peyotoff is the solo project of jazz-trained guitarist Petar Yotov. The producer blends his alluring neo-soul guitar style with future beats elements, instrumental hip hop and jazz all that through the prism of his own experiences. A groove-heavy, but soothing sounds for the soul.

Today marks the first step ofhis upcoming debut EP Living Jewel we're proud to be releasing together via Stereofox Records. I have the pleasure of knowing Petar in real life and besides one of the most talented guitarists he's just an all-round dope human being. His growth as a beat-maker is just staggering and I think everyone will be jaw-dropping after all projects we plan for this year get out.

"After Darkness" was the first track from the EP I heard, and I knew we're in for a ride. I love neo-soul guitars, so this was instant win and a breath of fresh air in the instrumental scene. Inspired by the energy of Koi Fish (but we will get to this later in the journey) “After Darkness”, is Peyotoff’s way of showing gratitude for being healthy and surrounded by the most important people in his life. He is channeling his jazz background through a multi-genre prism to create something lush, groovy, and soothing.

Stream "After Darkness" on all platforms here and stay tuned for "On My Way" which drops on April 12th.

posted by Ivo
March 2022