I'm not a lyrics kind of guy, but come here let me tell you something.

We've got one of the most soul-touching and special label releases for you today. Something that has happened effortlessly and a fit between 2 artists that feels like a true match made in heaven. Honoured to be the label home for such a gem.

There are more than 7500 km between Bulgaria where Peyotoff went on a walk which was the reason for his composition "Jay Bird," and the East Coast of the US, where emawk infused vibrant lyrical essence into the music. Clearly, distance isn't an issue when it comes to creating beautiful music. Both artists occupy distinct lanes, refusing to be confined to a single adjective. That’s why this overseas collaboration happened so effortlessly & naturally.

It was on that faithful walk that Peyotoff (real name Petar Yotov) chanced upon an injured jaybird amidst the forest, setting off a chain of events that ultimately inspired the conception of "Jay Bird."

Both instrumentally and lyrically, the inspiration came from Peyotoff. He told me he had made the track on a day when he was thinking about how, sometimes, things don’t work out. While that idea is a difficult one to hear, it’s an ever-present one. I feel like we both found a way to write about it from a hopeful perspective, and to affirm that the story continues, regardless of whether or not it appears to go according to plan (ours or anyone else’s). Perhaps the setback/detour is not the end of the story, but a part of a journey in which, sometimes, things do work out.”, emawk shares.

Peyotoff and I have been fans of emawk for years (my first written feature of him on Stereofox was back in 2018) and we were talking about how awesome would be if they got to collaborate someday. It's insane to be here today and it is one of those examples when dreams do happen. Kwame's versatile and sentimental songwriting has resonated with a lot of people all across the globe which led him to work with Jorja Smith on her song "Gone". It is that ability to capture your mind that makes him the best fit for Peyotoff's forward-thinking neo-soul beat style.

Also, while we're at it - I highly recommend you dive into the lyrics that Kwame wrote. Just...

See you diving into all of it
As if it ain’t as hard as it is
Guess you thought it through and now’s your chance
As if life goes according to plan

For the artwork, we trusted the aesthetics of the talented Micronavt Studio who captured sulfur under a microscope for the visuals, creating a unique aesthetic that complements the flow & feel of Jay Bird. Micronavt is led by Bulgarian visual artists Venelina Savcheva and Andrey Katanski, and melds art and science seamlessly. Their visual project showcases ongoing research experiments utilizing organic materials and diverse processing techniques.

A team wouldn't be completed without a great sound engineer - the mix and master were done by the great producer Ivan Shopov / Cooh who did an outstanding job with it.

Love the song? Feel free to listen on any streaming platform of your choice here.

posted by Ivo
4 weeks ago