Who could use a few sunny vibes today?

German producer Phil from Havêa found inspiration from the golden days of MySpace for his new track "Savoureux". The single is irresistibly groovy and I'm sure it will make you smile and dance on the inside *and perhaps on the outside too). Here is how the track was created:

Way back in the French Touch 2.0 MySpace days (yes, I'm going there), I was obsessed with a track called "Je Sens La Musique" by a producer called SAVOUREUX. The song was badly mixed and as far as I know the artist only had 2 other tracks and no Soundcloud page whatsoever. Yet, somehow that happy disco loop stuck with me to this very day and I always thought that someday I will (properly) rework that idea from scratch. And so I did. I was able to rip a rare mp3 of that song of MySpace and eventually found the original sample for the track, Sparque's "Music Turns Me On" (1980). I put together my own arrangement, programmed new drums and chords, had the bassline re-recorded by Ben and had Lukas add a Strings-section. Got it properly mixed and mastered, and et voilà here it is.

Well, that's what I call proper upcycling!

posted by Nora
February 2022