I feel like I've been missing big time on Phoria, as there has been quite a few features before on the fox. Oh well, better late than never.

"Loss" is incredible. Phoria describe their sound as multi-sensory, and I think this is showcased perfectly in the track you are about to hear. "Loss" is a track off their debut record Volition and it sure goes on my list.

The track is super long, but that gives you right about enough time to immerse fully in the variety of sounds and experiences Phoria have to offer. The beginning of the track is slow and delicate focusing on the vocals, but then piano and strings kick in, and then the track builds up from being this ethereal soft ballad into sonic madness with so many twists and turns. Eventually this fades as well, and we are back to where the track began. Even though it seems like such changes in sound won't work, it somehow does flawlessly. I am so impressed with this play with the sound.

I'm kind of dying to see them live.

posted by Anna
June 2016