German duo pølaroit has a knack for creating the kind of melodic house that's brimming with a range of emotions, and their latest release "Flek" serves as a stellar example.

"Flek" is fleshed out by these gorgeous pianos that are complemented by the delicate and glossy synth patches that pølaroit has become known for. This combination creates an experience that elegantly saunters between melancholic and hopeful, especially in the early moments. It's during the second half that the track really comes to life as the synths blossom and we become enraptured by the immersive soundscapes.

"With pølaroit's Flek imperfection shapes its essence. Embracing imperfect beauty, the track weaves organic sounds and electronic nuances into a resonant tapestry of raw emotion", they share.

posted by Lu
October 2023