Lu interviewed British producer & DJ poolsideconvo back in 2022 and I've been a fan ever since.

There's something beautifully emotional about Jack's music and his new single "shimmer" is a great example of how emotive modern electronic music is. Blending elements of a number of genres including UKG and electronica, the track feels like a great way to slow down despite the busy hi-hats in the background which feel juxtaposed with the spaced out piano.

The track is part of poolsideconvo's brand new 4-track EP how did we get here released via NEEDWANT this past Friday.

In case you wonder what's next for him, well... "off to live in Sicily for a while to work on some new material. Finding London very busy right now so hoping to find some peace of mind in the slower pace of life and bring back some new material for your ears."

posted by Ivo
last month