When it comes to respecting Funk in whole new era, one to look at is Greek producer George Fotiadis AKA Basement Freaks. Building a name in instrumental funk grooves helped to sustain a career where he's has pushed numerous EPs and albums all while finding time to DJ at clubs across the world. You'll also find him in pockets of the ever-blooming scene of Funk-inspired electronic music, like on K+Lab and Stickybuds 2017 smasher "Clap Ya Hands Now", which was featured trailer of Spiderman: Homecoming  delivering a little trojan horse of Funk to mainstream culture. Nowadays, Fotiadis continues to expand and carve out new corners in his sound in "Let It Be You".

In this EP title track, Basement Freaks teams up with L.A. Lyricist Evan Shafran aka EVeryman to transmit a message to "attract it, don't chase it" among other helpful wisdom snacks. Together, the two throw down a collaboration we're happy to see, as EVeryman's remained a voice in the New Era of Funk as well. We first discovered him through K+Lab's 2017 track  "Banga Boomerang" , which reframed hip hop production entirely in a mission to "retake the Funk". From fun to more inspirational, we gather lyrical and musical transmission well worth absorbing in "Let It Be You":

"In today's world it is so easy to get caught up in social media and all the latest trends. It's so easy to forget who we are and lose track of our true selves.  My goal with this song was to create a more melodic hook and join with my listeners in reminding myself that some things in life are out of our control.  When we experience loss or heartbreak and things happen that we want to change but we can't, we have to let things go, and continue on the path of being the best individual we can be.  Don't let it consume you.    Let us not forget to be, and let it be, let us be like water, finding ways to change to fit our surroundings while continuing to spread love and light and better ourselves"

Pre-order Let It Be You out February 1st on Bombstrikes

posted by Mike
February 2019