What a glorious day for music! I'm absolutely excited to share with you our first collaboration with Headroom Collective's beat-makers Flitz & Suppe and their out-of-this-world groove injection "CouchSurfing".

Even though this might be a new name to you, I bet if you've been with us for a while you know most of its founding members. Curious much? First, let's get to what Headroom Collective actually is:

Headroom Collective is a group of hip-hop artists who share a love for funky house & electronic tunes.

Yeah! I mean we all love chilled beats, but often some groove is much, much needed. Some of its founders are Birocratic, Philanthrope, TESK, Silo, deeB, digitalluc, mono:massive and badsummer. Yeah, quite a lot of favourie names right there, so we know - whatever is ahead of these guys it's gonna be massive.

So, as said before - today's highlight is Flitz & Suppe's clubby delight titled "CouchSurfing" - a perfect edition for your new weekend playlist! Also, comes with a free download!

Last, but not least - I had the pleasure to chat with Brandon (Birocratic) and Simon (Philanthrope) about Headroom Collective and get some insights about what's cooking under the hood.

How did you guys actually met?

B: I'd known about Simon's music for a short while but we really met when he and I both started working at Chillhop Records last year. And the first time we met in person was in Paris this April to play a showcase put together by Chillhop.

When did the idea of the label came about?

B: Honestly, Simon's after-hours set at the Paris show was one of the funkiest, grooviest mixes of hip-hop and house music I've heard. I'd been a really big fan of underground deep house music for a while (especially labels like Heist Recordings, Rhythm Section, Tartelet Records, etc) but hearing Simon selecting such tasty music made me inspired to work with him on a house-focused side project.

Why this change in music direction?

B: I don't really consider it a change as much as an experiment - I can't speak for Simon here though. Through talking to other producers in the chillhop scene we realized there's this under-appreciated, hibernating beast of creative energy from these people, and house music can be a natural, uptempo outlet for those of us usually creating work in the downtempo range.

To me, it's a blast, because I get to experiment with different sounds and techniques while still staying true to my roots, which are jazz & rhythm. Plus I get to hear new music from some of my really talented friends & peers, so that's always a cool thing

What are the first few things you're planning for this year?

S: Right now we're taking it one artist at a time - each will submit a mix of their favorites and follow up with a single they produced. So for right now we're just trying to spread the word and get others interested.

Later this year we're looking to plan a showcase in Europe and release a compilation album on vinyl. Perhaps some physical singles as well. We'll see how it all goes!

I think it goes without saying - there's nothing but greatness when a talented bunch of people get together and work towards something they love. Stay tuned with Headroom Collective on their brand new shiny label profile.

posted by Ivo
August 2017