While Berlin is notoriously known for his techno scene, this is far from the only sound the German capital has to offer. There's a solid group of people who push the soul, r&b and hip hop scene going forward and Katerinha is one of them.

The Macedonian-born singer/songwriter started her career as a booking and artist manager in the local music scene in Berlin but apart from being active in the business and applied side of arts, Katerinha dealt with the creation of her own music from a young age, which motivated her to intensively explore her sound and style as an author and performer.

Today we're honoured to premiere "Not Your Friend" - a soulful jam that she and a couple of her friends turned into a Sunday anthem of self-appreciation.

Get ready for some lush vibes, because this performance exhales a beautiful warmth. Stream on all major platforms here.

posted by Ivo
July 2020