It's funny how sometimes life turns out.

I was filming my first documentary movie back in 2013. I wanted to include Expectations, a hardcore-punk band based in Sofia. And then I met Georgi, the vocalist. After the interview, I remember, he said: "I hope I said some clever stuff". He did.

And now, 4 years later I see him in a totally different light. But he's still digging "some clever stuff". Georgi, now introducing his alias King Rat, just dropped his debut hip-hop EP Too Fresh to Live! Too Fresh to Die!, recorded and mixed at XPRSN Studio, courtesy to Apostol Naidenov.

And here I am, running "Empty" on repeat - a lovely old-school hip-hop beat, thanks to 2 Bone Giants, mixed with jazzy instrumentals and soft female backvocals.

As weird it may seem to most people for a hardcore kid to rap, he explains:

The whole reason I decided to do these songs is that I was having a break with my main hardcore-punk project Expectations. I was always into hip -hop because my hometown had a really strong scene when I was a kid. To tell you the truth, I was not 100% sure whether I wanted to release this project and at the same time I was super excited while doing it so I thought I would regret not releasing it online. So here we are.

Don't worry, he still sings in Expectations, his "greatest passion", as he calls it. And yeah, if you dig such music, you should totally check them out!

Even though it is more of an experiment, his hip-hop project turned out amazing! You can stream/download the whole EP HERE - available on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon and Deezer

And the best thing is that not only do you get great music, but all the money goes for a noble cause - helping our friend Julz who is fighting a tumor!

And as King Rat once said "Never look back, always ahead!".

*artwork by Dimitar Bochukov

posted by Nasko
May 2017