Electronic producer Kooma is set to unleash his latest track, "Subliminal" tomorrow on February 10th via Floating, Drifting Records. That being said, we're honoured to be able to premiere and showcase you this gorgeous sonic gem a day earlier. Pre-save the song here.

This single marks Kooma's first release of the year and follows the success of his recent mixtape, Freefall. Hailing from Finland, Kooma has gained widespread recognition in his home country. In addition, with nearly 12 million streams across various platforms, Kooma's versatile productions have landed on multiple Spotify editorial playlists, including Now Loading., indie pop & chill, Montréal Chill, and New Music Friday, in 10 different countries.

"The end of the year was pretty hectic for me because of the mixtape release, and I felt like a needed a complete change of pace for my next release. Typically I'd program drums over soundscapes like ‘Subliminal’, but my gut feeling told me to keep it minimal: no drums, just melodies. Ambient songs like this leave more space for imagination, and I hope that this piece will spark inspiration for the listeners!”, shares Kooma.

Hit the play button and get transported to a serene and tranquil state. The tranquil sound of the guitar pierces through the cloudy ambiance created by the atmospheric drones and sweeping sounds. The rich and full tonal bass keeps us grounded, preventing us from being carried away into the vastness of space. If you dig the works of artists like Nils Frahm, Brian Eno, eevee, and Jinsang, you'll absolutely fall in love with this piece.

posted by Ivo
February 2023