I guess Mura Masa needs no introduction? We've been following Alex and his sound adventure for quite some time and during those few years his sound has inspired a lot of talented producers and has trailed tons of great remixes.

However, today's remix cover is definitely one of the most I've ever heard of. I am extremely stoked and honoured to share with you the premiere of DRKTMS and Akacia's version of Mura Masa's "Love For That" featuring Shura's vocals.

I'm gonna take a step away from the original and enter the sound space created by DRKTMS and Akcia. The 2 artists have created a totally new universe for "Love For That" and put things through their own prisms. The result is simply staggering - Akacia's gorgeous vocals are the absolute perfect match to seductive beats crafted by the Swiss producer. As I said, hands down one of the best works I've heard in a while.

I had the chance to speak with Luca (the person behind DRKTMS) about the story of the remix and I believe it's quite interesting what he shared with me:

I started this project right after seeing Mura Masa performing live in Switzerland last summer. After some weeks of messing around and finding some cool chords I finally found some progressions I really liked. Some days later I sent the little draft to some producer friends including Cabu who I did remix for last year.

Right after that he connected me with Akacia who was the vocalist from his unique "Gold" track. It was such a cool feeling when she told me to work on it together. And so on we just resend each other bits of the track via the Internet and she did an amazing job on the vocals.

This track means a lot to me since i am a huge fan of Mura Masa’s work. Also, we didn’t want to do just a normal remix. Akacia and I tried to interpret our own styles into this track. Finally we got the result of a groovey/vibey track with some awesome chill vocals on it.

posted by Ivo
February 2017