Remember the beautiful "Dreams of Fame" that Ivo premiered a while ago?

Well, I guess the chemistry's just right between us and Otis James, because it's my turn to premiere a gorgeous track of his - "In Love".

While this is really different than the previous one, vibe-wise, I can say for certain it, too, carries his notable complexity of sounds, in a no overwhelming way, but just the contrary. He told me how "In Love" came to life:

The song was initially inspired by the artist Vanilla. I really wanted to create a retro soul, funk-ish track something that was more upbeat than my usual songs. The chorus came about a bit more naturally when I discovered an awesome synth sample loop. I thought it was a cool juxtaposition between sections and styles. The hardest part was joining the two sections together but when I did I was very happy. I also got the talented Pat Byrne to shred on guitar which he did effortlessly nailing the solo in one take, (which for most guitarists is unheard of in my expierience).

Cool piece, Otis, kudos! And I can tell you, that slightly melancholic, but groovy gem is definitely making the cut into our Groovy Beats playlist.

posted by Nasko
January 2020