A recent exploration of the electro soul genre has me in total fascination of this PL classic. For those who don't know Pretty Lights, he's considered the architect of a style of electronic music that's spiraled out into a new form. Though he's slipped into an absence for nearly two years, this silence has lent space for a scene to thrive as new sounds and styles continue to emerge. Despite this, he broke a two year social media silence over the deeply-rooted issues with police brutality, injustice and systemic racism in the United States.

As said architect, fans and fellow producers look up to him and will listen. There's a reason, as he single-handedly changed the way electronic music is produced and celebrated. His 2010 EP Making Up A Changing Mind is among a collection of EPs that influenced an entire movement in electronic music production and culture. Now, he's re-assessing the use of his platform entirely to re-engineer the impact he drives.

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posted by Mike
July 2020