Next on the agenda I've got a groovy cocktail of Lo-fi Pop, Indie Electronic courtesy of avant-pop act Private Agenda.

Comprised of Sean Phillips and Martin Aggrowe, the London-via-Amsterdam duo craft a lush fusion of colourful genres perfect for cruising down the motorway with the stereo blasting, or waiting for a date while the cocktails shake. "Presence" (released via Nightshift) is your daily reminder to appreciate the people and experiences around you.

"We wanted to create something that would make people feel they're in the room with us, a part of the session, experiencing the music as it was made" shares Sean.

"Presence" is the band's creative energy being bottled through the COVID isolation as it was one of the first songs they recorded with together with friends through a spontaneous and collaborative recording session that took place in the beautiful Cornwall countryside. The band, along with a group of close collaborators, escaped to this picturesque location to write and record their music, immerse themselves in nature, and enjoy each other's company after being apart for two years.

"We wanted to capture the feeling of being completely in the moment; lost in the music," Martin elaborates. "It was about bottling the energy and spontaneity of a first take, even if it wasn't technically perfect."

With absolute confidence I can predict - "Presence" is this year's feel-good hazy soundtrack on everyone's playlists.

posted by Ivo
March 2023