We are not obsessed with this track just because it came out of the Stereofox backyard where all the good candy is hidden. We are obsessed because our mind sits on a cloud while listening to "I'm Okay" and we refuse to get down.

v i v and Project AER entered each other's minds with deep conversations about self-doubt, anxiety, and life. And just as v i v went through one of the toughest times in their life, they merged their ideas with Project AER's vision, and the second part of the album, following the "How Are You?" magic, is now a fact.

"I'm Okay" carries the same name as the LP and gives us silky piano keys and a delicious guitar that is gliding over the calmest beat you can come across on a Tuesday evening. We already talked about the two singles before the full cake - "This Road We're On" and "All The What Ifs" as you can now stream the whole album everywhere:

posted by Krisi
October 2022