In our recent interview with Austin, TX based producer John Burcham AKA Psymbionic, we got to dive into the campaign of creative expression that is Carbon Based Lifeform.

A craftsman by his own right, Burcham ensured this album got the time it deserved. Carbon Based Lifeform was, as Burcham himself put it, a lesson in patience. A long road of meticulous attention to the purpose, opening new frontiers in composition, production, illustration and the quality control measures that brought it to life. All of that on top of fostering innovation in the music business via his label Gravitas Recordings.

The next phase of this campaign? Assemble a squad of upcoming producers to re-interpret Psymbionic's creation. Like the original, Carbon Based Lifeforms Remixed explores various sonic avenues with high velocity.

Taking a comparatively chilled route, the Synergy Sound duo gives their take on the melodic, upbeat hip hop piece "Homesick" featuring ProbCause. The duo dose it with creative rhythmical syncopation, new brass elements, and their own bass designs, while maintaining the songs core tone color.

Check that and more impressive work on Carbon Based Lifeform Remixed below:

Stream Carbon Based Lifeform Remixed on all major platforms here.

posted by Mike
August 2019