Now... it has been a while I've featured OR even heard anything like Rainy's "Wishing Well" and I have to honest with you - I haven't ran like that in a long time, but I had to share this with you. And while Stereofox has a certain sound direction, sharing something out-of-the-path is feels so nice and I hope it truly resonates with people.

The track reminded me of John Butler, but more blues-y and Americana-y. Both captivating and personal, the tune just makes you want to wander. The world, your mind, whatever. But wander. I was reading the text which the UK-based producer sent me and honestly, it's not the usual PR one would expect. It felt like a letter to a friend, a story of his life, and I was amazed to find how many instruments he plays including didgeridoo and Indian Tambora.

Here's a short snippet of it, hope you pick up on the energy.

"In my late teens I discovered drone music through playing the didgeridoo. In recent years throat singing has become a regular practice ( often sat in the car waiting for traffic ). This interest along with my on going fascination with Indian classical music, singing bowls and gongs led me to a wonderful musician and healer called Celia Beeson based in Bristol. After being entranced by her Sounding Silence sound sessions we quickly found common ground and one day, out of the blue, she very kindly gifted a traditional Indian Tambora to me. The instrument had a sentimental connection to her and it was her wish to pass it along to be played once more. I was honoured, and took great pleasure in recording this Tambora along with my Sitar in the droning depths of the throat singing on 'Wishing Well'."

This is the third single from Rainy's upcoming album Fell For The World due for release in June.

I want to listen to this forever.

posted by Ivo
March 2022