If you love jazzy keys, this is for you.

Meet Raouf, the passionate artist hailing from the vibrant town of ELmahalla ELkubra, Egypt, who pours his heart and soul into his music. "Eshta Yaba", a release of our friends at Cold Soda Music, is a heartfelt journey through the realm of jazzhop & lofi beats. With marvelous piano, spacey synths & bumpy drums, this wonderfully blends late-night vibes with the warm summer mood we're all still in.

With every note he plays and every beat he crafts, Raouf's music is a canvas painted with uncomplicated piano melodies that speak to the depths of one's soul. In each composition, Raouf weaves his emotions into the very fabric of his sound, inviting you to join him on a heartfelt musical odyssey.

posted by Nasko
September 2023