The majestic quietness of thick snow-covered city-scape and the stillness that Winter brings - a really special type of atmosphere which is hard to describe with words. Luckily, we have sounds and UK producer Ravver got to transform his fascination with Winter into a chilled future garage composition, which will undoubtedly serve you as a good soundtrack for the coldest season.

"Endless Winter" offers a skillfully crafted sonic representation of what this season looks and feels like. Ravver combined several layers of textures: sharp, atmospheric, solid and soft, thus constituting the complex emotivity of the track. Here's what he shares on the release:

I began writing this EP last winter and finished it as we're going into this winter. I've always had an affinity for future garage music, having been heavily influenced by artists like Burial, Four Tet and Jamie xx. I wanted to channel the comfort and tranquility I find in the middle of winter sometimes.

Ravver · Endless Winter
posted by Nora
December 2021