I have a special connection with jazz and my heart melts every time I hear it blending with other genres. But the way it fuses with lofi hip hop is sometimes out of this world - and today's release is exactly this.

I'm very honored to welcome a Japanese artist we've been fans of for a long time - producer re:plus, and fellow keyboardist Osamu Fukuzawa for their debut on Stereofox Records.

"never" is both melancholic & sentimental and is conveying those mixed feelings when you have to leave your old home. Osamu says it best: "When we made “never”, I’d just moved to a new town. I was walking around my previous town where I lived for so long time and my new town, then I realized that time will never come back. It didn’t feel pessimistic but a little bit sentimental. The song reflected those personal experiences and scenery."

This is the 1st single off their upcoming 8-song album Afterimage (March 7th), with the 2nd single "Hakumei" due on Feb 22nd. In the meantime, enjoy "never" on a platform of your choice here.

posted by Nasko
January 2023