Some people are dreaming of a white Christmas already, I'm dreaming of summer.

Our dear RINZ. is back with his 3rd Stereofox single, this time in collaboration with Dutch-Indian Basmati (who you might know from our compilation Beat Queens). A lofi/chillhop piece, inspired by the hottest days of the year and that scorching heat on the streets.

RINZ. explains it perfectly: “Do you know the feeling when it’s so hot outside, you don’t even want to go to the grocery store? Only when you absolutely need to, you get the bare essentials from the Deli-market. That’s what this track is about. You head to the Deli, get the ingredients for a light lunch, head back home to chill in your hammock, reading a book till you fall asleep under the shady rustle of leaves. The laid-back and slight psychedelic guitar sound take you on a journey that almost remind you a bit of the sound of Khruangbin. The track has quite a mystical vibe.”

If you're also in love with the mystical vibe, stream "Deli" on all platforms here.

posted by Nasko
4 weeks ago