RINZ. has been serving up fresh tunes like hot pancakes, and the latest one is tasty as f*. With new music blossoming every fortnight for a month, RINZ. has been our guide, and this time, he leads us into a natural oasis.

We are about to step into RINZ. and Hoffy Beats's "Botanic Garden" where they cultivate sonic flowers. This track is the fourth gem in RINZ.'s collection leading up to the big reveal - the full-length album Along These Lines set to bloom on November 24th. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, we've got a cozy garden to explore. This exquisite jazz-infused masterpiece is brought to life by soulful chords that fill the air with sounds of peace and joy and will warm your body with a subtle J Dilla-inspired groove.

"Botanic Garden" is like a little musical break, a chance to chill and soak up some good vibes.

posted by Boris
September 2023