Every time this man releases new music, I catch myself saying, "I think this is officially my favorite from RINZ.," and the same sentiment struck me when I heard "City Square."

Last week, RINZ.'s sophomore album Along These Lines dropped, and "City Square" is the compelling opening track that sets the stage for a diverse and immersive musical journey. The jazz influence here gives it a refreshing musical touch while the synth embellishments contribute to the track's dreamy allure. I certainly can't neglect to mention the rhythm section - it's colored with vibrant percussion and we're acquainted with constant surprises from start to finish.

RINZ. shares more about his body of work; "Along These Lines is a sonic exploration that invites listeners to immerse themselves in the vibrant soundscape of a metropolitan city. From captivating rhythms to evocative melodies, this album paints a diverse and vivid musical portrait of urban diversity, taking you along the lines of a city's pulsating heartbeat."

RINZ. · Along These Lines

posted by Lu
November 2023