Glad to welcome RINZ. for his 4th Stereofox release.

“Idyllic”, inspired by a bike ride to a lake in Twiske Park near Amsterdam, is a dreamy journey aiming to translate beautiful sunset scenery into sound. A joyous & hopeful tale about summer adventures that are yet to come. Mesmerizing guitars & soothing shakers will keep you warm like the last sunrays of the day.

RINZ. paints a beautiful picture: “Idyllic” is a song about a long-distance love with summer. It’s a love letter to sunshine, which warms the heart and carefully places shadows for the perfect balance. It captures the joy and hope of reuniting with a loved one and the anticipation of a summer filled with love and adventure. The crystallic sound of the intro, which then carefully travels into the background of the song, sounds like the forgotten sound of a breeze through the leaves of a tree, a sound that brings back memories of summer days spent exploring the forests, fields and lakes. This sound, combined with the white noise crashes and warmth Rhodes sound, create a nostalgic and relaxing atmosphere, like the sound of waves crashing on a beach.”

Stream / buy it on a platform of your choice here.

posted by Nasko
March 2023