Jazz has found a cozy home into the beat world for a long time and today's release we had is another example of the wonderful chemistry of these 2 genres.

Welcoming back Dutch producer & guitarist RINZ. with his new single - "Lovely", featuring Amsterdam sax/flute player Anton. Named after Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" because of the warm vibe & the similar melodies, the song offers a magnificent blend of slick guitars, mellow brass, and RINZ.'s signature percussion groove.

RINZ. explains, "This track was the result of a 30-day beat challenge I did a while back. It has been on the back burner for a little and I finally had a nice idea to replace the original vocal ideas with sax and flutes by my talented friend Anton. The chord progressions and melodies sound very light and uplifting and is the perfect tune to remind oneself of a beautiful Valentine's date."

Stream/buy it here.

posted by Nasko
February 2024