It's July 31st and we wake up with 2 great news. First and foremost - Rival Consoles' new album Articulation just got released via Erased Tapes. A journey into the world of haunting, uplifting and captivating electronic music.

Secondly, Ryan took over Spotify's Ambiente editorial playlist and picked Mazoulew's "Overdue" which we released last September as part of the selection.

Going back to today's feature, the UK producer shares...

"Vibrations on a String" was one of the earliest pieces I made for the record. The title is a direct reference to the behaviour of the main synth: I was trying to mimic playing a guitar string both softly and aggressively. I think a part of me is often trying to mimic the physical world with synths. There is something mindful about observing things and making sense of them, and once you try to recreate something in a different medium it feels like there are new opportunities to explore.

The whole record is a must-listen from start to end experience. Friday just became darker.

posted by Ivo
July 2020