The sheer sonic depth of Robot Koch's music has never failed to amaze me and this new track of his is just a continuation of this tradition.

"Subtle Ones" is a collaboration between award-winning artist/composer Robot Koch and who is one of the most followed tape loop artists on Instagram. The track came about from the shared fascination with timbre, which then brought the two producers together. Connecting on saturated tape tones and analog noise, the two began the composition with a 4-track cassette improvisation featuring an old spinet piano. What followed, as a result, is an atmospheric and multi-textured musical journey with a pleasant groove and pulsing melodies throughout the progressing arrangement.

The release also comes with a dreamy ambient remix by Foam and Sand, which is Robot Koch`s Moniker for ambient music, so if the lush atmospheric soundscapes are up your alley definitely give it a listen!

posted by Chris
June 2021