This is hands down my favorite track from Rodney Hazard thus far. The Loci-released "Memories" is Rodney's lush, signature sound at its finest and is bound to take you on an intimate sonic journey.

Rodney Hazard (also has released with Stereofox) is a producer, composer, and musician who has made a name for himself with his fascinating blend of ambient, r&b, hip hop, and electronic. The feather-light vocals seamlessly float over the airy instrumental and this induces a sense of weightlessness for the listener. "Memories" is romantic yet carries a moody undertone thanks to the thick bed of soundscapes adorned over the punchy drums.

"The song is prominently featured on SEASON FOUR, Loci Record's latest compilation album, alongside acts such as Emancipator, Garza (Theivery Corporation), Palladian, DJ Murge, and many more."

posted by Lu
December 2023