Wow, I can't really ask for a better start to the week.

To be honest with you the beautiful collaboration that you are about to experience in a way wasn't a big surprise to me. In my head, while I was listening, both to the original version and to the remix I came up to a conclusion that this remix was so perfectly executed and naturally born, simply because of the fact that both artists have so much in common. Take for example the interesting fact that even from the very initial beginnings of their creative careers, there are serendipitous parallels that can be drawn between Fejká, who hails from the remarkably beautiful Black Forest, and Rohne, who grew up surrounded by the awe-inspiring mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Knowing very well the music of these two astonishing producers and musicians, and being a fan of their art immediately gave me chills and comfort that this remix will be a top-notch soothing experience.

The way Fejka artistically approaches "Ceres" here is beyond amazing. He doesn't change the original symphonic composition of the Portland-based artist which fills your heart and soul with its deep emotive spring melodies, no. Just the opposite! His delicate touch and carefully picked sounds, as well as the structure decisions that he made while creating this gem, not only bring another perspective and a different view of the initial idea by Rohne, it reinforces and excites all those ambient and cinematic elements blended with a mesmerizing soft vocal line. Fejka's remix gives a new life to "Ceres", it adds this beautiful layer of emotions that will transfer you to another dimension.

"The melody of Ceres immediately caught my attention. It's this combination of the muted warm sounds, the atmospheric vocals that complement each other harmoniously with the beat, it's really great how it's arranged."


posted by Boris
July 2022