The US-based Electronic artist Rohne continues the remix journey of his tracks from the Forms LP - which was released back in 2021. So far we have been introduced to several of those remixes - all of which, were not only perfectly executed by each one of the collaborates who were invited to celebrate Rohne's music, but also they always add a new element, a different point of view, a piece of themselves to the originals - both artistically and musically. After Fejka's remix of "Ceres", now it's time for "Flicker" and the emerging electronic producer Faodail receives the invitation to jump and do what he does best. Magic.

What makes Faodail's rework brilliant is the elegant touch and artistic approach that he always has, doesn't matter if it's his own or someone else's music. He doesn't change Rhone's initial idea and mood at any point. He slows down the original version of "Flicker" which immediately brings more air and adds an even more atmospherical soundscape to the composition. Additionally, this highlights all those hidden sounds within it, guiding the listener to an even deeper and more immersive listening experience. Faodail's trademark piano chords are the last piece of cake here, combined with the big & immersive pads and organic sounds is what gives a whole new life to the original version. The two producers seem to have a perfect symbiosis

“Rohne reached out to me about remixing a track from his album just a few weeks after I first discovered his music. I had already fallen in love with Flicker and I jumped at the chance to put my own spin on it”


Another 10/10 remix and I'd love to hear more collaborations between them.

posted by Boris
August 2022