Data engineer by day, producer by night - Berlin-based French producer and multi-instrumentalist Romain Granger brings us his full 8-song Komorebi album, out via Stereofox today.

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese word, which translates to “sunlight shining through the trees” Granger’s album is a futuristic tapestry interwoven with the cultural essence of Southeastern Asia. With this album, he captures the gentle and comforting light that warms the landscape, evoking the serenity that follows life's storms, when emotions regain balance and joy is reborn. Each track is a delicate, intricate melody, a musical landscape painted with ambient strokes, and a journey that offers profound calm and rejuvenation.

At the heart of this sonic voyage lies "Lay Down" the album's leading track featuring the talented fellow French artist AIR GOAT, embodies the album's essence. The song unfurls as a delicate blend of warm piano, gentle lo-fi beats, and blues-infused guitars, a musical fusion that has the power to simply melt your heart.

Komorebi is a transcendental audio experience designed to ease people's minds & transport them to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Buy/listen to the full album here.

posted by Boris
October 2023